Mar 18, 2013

A Sad Ending

Well of of you have to know about Teen Vogue Magazine in stardoll. The Magazine was opened at the end of 2012-start of 2013. It was created but the Model and Graphic artist Khol (Hollyoakstocks*) and it started as a Group Project with her Friend Kirsten (Sparklewand12). In January 2013, everyone was so confused. Everyone was asking Khol and Kirsten if the Magazine was over. A few days after Khol announced through the Magazine's Website that it wasn't over. She added that she was going to do it all by herself and that the magazine was going to be Published in the Spring. Actually anyone knows the truth about why the Duo didn't make the Magazine together. When Khol published the Post of that she was going to do the Magazine by herself, Lindsey (LoveGossi4Life) commented:

After Lindsey Commented, Kirsten (Sparklewand12) replied Lindsey's comment:
Well, Kirsten said Khol didn't like that she had to prioritise the University and she was removed from the Blog. After it, Khol answered to Kirsten comments.
Apparently, Kirsten is lying about what happened, and making her to look as the Victim. But of course, she had to answer:
Well, Kirsten said Khol changed. But anyone says anything about the reason. Now we are really confused about who's lying. After Kirsten said it, Jack (queendetox) joined the Conversation:

I can't confirm to you if what Jack said it's true. But in my personal opinion (everyone has her/his own opinion, and this is just mine. Please respect it, and i understand if you don't agree. But anyways i'm trying to accuse anyone or even make someone to look bad. It's just an Experience i had) Well, i'm currently organizing ''Stardoll's Teen Choice Awards'' and Part of the Project was the Nominees selection. Everyone send in their ''Nomining Form'' and Kirsten (Sparklewand12) got nominated to ''Best Stardoll Rivalry'' with Khol. I went to her suite and posted in a Comment that she was Nominee in the Stardoll Teen Choice Awards. She answered to please remove her from the category because she had been nominated in bad things like it twice in less than a month and that she didn't have any rivalry with Khol. So well i removed her, and including i deleted the Whole Category because she made me realize she didn' like it, and like she didn't like it, many others could didn't like it too. I apologized, and after it she wanted me to remove her from the Category ''Best Moment of the Year'' where she was nominne in the Moment: ''Kirstend & Khol's fight that ended in Khol managing Teen Vogue alone''. Well, i answered that i was not going to remove the category because it wasn't something bad. So she blocked me. Well, for my experience, i know Kirsten is someone who doesn't like that People disagree her. I don't like her. But it's just my experience. Well, at the final point, we didn't know what happened between them.

   Well, Khol received the Models, and Made the Magazine by herself. The first Issue was released the twenty seventh of February, made completely by Khol. The Issue had twenty pages, with multiple Graphics, a Fan Mail Section, a Fashion Editorial, an article about the Teen Life, a look-a-like style guide, an Editor's letter and the Biography of Marina Diamandis. In other Words, the Magazine was really complete. It had everything, and it received amazing and positive Reviews. But yesterday Khol posted in Teen Vogue's Web site, that she was going to end the Magazine. The reason Khol gave was that she wasn't feeling comfortable making the magazine, because she wanted to publish so many things that maybe could be seen as inappropriate. She said that she had fun with it too. Of course i tried her to Keep the Magazine running, and leaved this comment:

I really felt about writing that comment. I really admire Khol, and i'd love her to keep the magazine running. Well she answered:

As you read, Khol is going to Join other Projects. And it's really nice. I respect her decission. It's her life and Career. Life will always be with her. In her new Projects, and in all things Khol want to do this 2013 and the rest of her Life. I will completely support her. If you think you would be a good admin, just leave a comment on the Post, in her Guestbook or add Khol in Skype. 

Mar 15, 2013

Fashion Versus #1

In order to get more followers and readers for the Blog, Stardoll High Class opened a poll wich the one we'd know what does the blog needs to improve. The poll ends tomorrow but anyways, i saw ''VS of Fashion'' was winning, and i decided to post it. Well, here's today's fashion versus, and i will try post the VS of Fashion every two days or even daily. But it all depends, because i'm part of another blog, and i have to study too (why god?......why?) so i maybe won't have too much time for Blogging. The persons i selected are from Stardoll's Hall of Fame.

Hollyoaksrocks* VS Jelinna



Well, i think Khol it's always making nice outfits and she's never trying to show off she is famous and she is always dressed casual. Her style it's creative, she's always trying new colors, new clothes, new brands. And this time she has so many colors on th outfit. The combination of the Shoes and Jacket it's amazing, because is really cool, and i loved the pants. I didn't like the Purse. She had an amazing pattern of Color, and the purs eit's like out of the topic, but it's no bad. Maybe kee the outfit without green, because we can't have everything in only one outfit. It would completely be a mess. But Khol's Outfit it's nice. (7/10)


Christina it's really motivational as a Graphic Designer, but at the time of dressing up she should keep making graphics. I mean she's always using weird clothes and i don't like so much the outfit. It's no bad, but under the Cat Sweater she has a really nice top. So ¿Why doesn't she keeps the Top, instead the sweater. Since Jelinna got the sweater from an special offer, she's trying to use it in all her outfits. It's nice the sweater but it makes her look thick shoulders. She looks really wider. But the rest of the outfit it's cool. Jelinna has a really crazy style in my opinion, because sometimes she is dressed up with gray and black, and the other she's wearing colorful sweaters. (5/10)

The Winner is Khol !! And she'll receive a Prize from me in her Suite. 

*Update: I'm non superstar until Sunday, so you'll have to wait for the Prize, because i can't send a Gift if i'm not SS. But you'll receive the Prize next Week. I promise*

A Forbidden love in Appearance TV

Well sorry for non posting a lot time ago. Dollywood has been really quite and i haven't had so much about what to write. I'm happy we're close to the 30 Followers. For me it's an achiviement because it's my first Dollywood Writing Experience, and that you give me the Opportunity of it it's really nice. Well, if you are follower of Stardoll's Appearance, owned by Lindsey (LoveGossip4Life), You might already know what's going on in the Blog. Lindsey it's a really motivational person for me. I mean, i love her work as a Graphic desginer, Writer and Model. And she's one of my Role Models. She's so creative, and i love that about her. A few weeks ago, Linsey started the Project in her Blog, and the idea it's like making some TV Shows for the Dollywood public. And we are going to talk about Appearance TV in Stardoll High Class every week. In Appearance TV, you can apply as a Casting Director, Actor/Actress or Television Show Writer. They had almost twenty applicants for the Project, and there were so many actresses and actors. But i didn't see to much Writers or Casting Directors. I really haven't applied, because i think i don't have enough imagination for writing a story and less a Television Show. I will try to, and if i get some good results i will Apply. I invite you to apply, if you are interested in Being Actor/Actress, Casting Director or Writer. It's a good opportunity, and i see this as a really good Project. Lindsey has too much Power and Fame in Dollywood. And the Project it's gonna be more famous with the time. I know that it's debut will be Amazing. Will be Big and really exciting. The first production ''Appearance TV'' will release, it's called ''A Forbidden love''. I like the Slogan ''what if falling in love was illegal?'' That's a really good Slogan. And what i think about it is that it makes you want to see the Episode, and know what's this about. I'm so excited for seing it on Sunday. I am Fan of Appearance TV so Far, and of course i'll see all the Productions. I hope you do it too. So i invite you to do it on Sunday, and of course, i wanna ask you ¿If falling in love was illegal what would happen? If you like, please answer in Comments and don't miss ''A Forbidden Love'' only in Stardoll's Appearance.

Mar 11, 2013

Victory & Klaus Designer, LadyGagaMcQueen, talks with Stardoll's High Class.

Today i had the Opportunity to Make an Interview with the French Designer LadyGagaMcQueen, creator of the Well-known Fashion Line ''Victory & Klaus'' wich has everything for everyone. I really loved having this time because in the Interview, i realized what it's really a Fashion Line. More than only the Graphics, there's too much effort, passion, dedication and Inspiration in a Fashion Line.

Me: Hey Dear, thanks for being here and let us Interview you. All of us love your work as a Fashion Designer in your Fashion Line ''Victory & Klaus'' wich currently it's one of the Biggest, It has everything. ¿Where did you got the name?

LadyGagaMcQueen: Hi, thank you for interviewing me, well, as for the name i wanted something cool, rock and that people could recognize for the Strong initials. Actually, V&K are such strong letters for me, and so Klaus came from a Gossip Girl episode, if you see what I mean, I enjoyed a lot this scene. And Victory is a name that I love. In french it's Victorie, but it was better to have it in english and it was a wanting to make it a real Victory.

Me: Well, that's such a really cool Story. Inspiration comes from everything. Maybe we don't know but we can get Inspired by Everything. So, ¿Where do you get the inspiration to design?

LadyGagaMcQueen: Yeah, inspiration comes from really everywhere and Clèment and I used to talk a lot about these things. About the design also, our minds literally mix with each other and we make some rock clothes with the codes decided each other for the brand. So we think about something, like the design of a sweater and then we put other details that come from the codes of the brand. But it also works on the opposite, like a code can inspires us to make a sweater! Then I am not really inspired by something special, when I make clothes it's a feeling of how we perceive the clothes of now, of the next season. But of course, we can only be inspired by our future, so i get inspirations from my own life and what i see and live every day since I was born.

Me: That is really motivational. They're so many Fashion Lines in Dollywood, but there's no one similar. Every line has different things, different concepts, different ideas. Every Brand, Name, Fashion Line and everything has a Siganture. ¿What do you think it's V&K's Siganture? ¿What makes it different?

LadyGagaMcQueen: Oh, well, i think V&K signature is really the rock lifestyle. It's about living in a very simple way clothes, but if you decide to be a rockstar, then you can be one, or at least look like one in V&K! And there are two ways I think, to see how much V&K is different, firstly, how you talked about the Dollywood scene, and I'd say that the e-shop, the Muse Photoshoot and Kalus Paper already say it all. But if we would be comparing with real fashion lines, I'd really say the way we see things, the way we practiced fashion, the fact we are young but still wanting to provide a strong lifestyle.

Me: Let me say you, that's in part why i like your line. Because everything it's really different, you think about every single little detail, and of course, every thing you do. Everything has a Process. The Inspiration, Sketchs, Designing, and the Put in scene. But it sounds easy when we say it like that. So the Biggest lines are Created by one, but made by two, ¿How it's Working with Clement? ¿You discuss, agree with everything, or what?

LadyGagaMcQueen: Yeah, actually, we first think of how many clothes we'll be doing for the Collection and then we think about some designs. But he works mostly for the men collection and I for the women collection. But then, we say what we think about our designs and we change a few things sometimes. it all depens, but must of the time we agree with each other.

Me: That's why i call Team Group. Finally, ¿Are you guys planning anything more? ¿It's going to be something new, fashionable and really Victory & Kalus-tastic this 2013?

LadyGagaMcQueen: Well , I guess we still need to really Improve a lot of things... And when we'll get what we want, meaning a larger public, like having a lot more of followers and brand lovers, then we'll see if something really unexpected is possible... But for now we'll just follow making the collections and the Klaus Paper Issues. It's also important for us, to show that we're not like the others. But it's like being a young designer without a lot of talent, you'll be really seen because you're young, at first and then when you'll get older none will care if you don't have that much talent. I really wish to make better graphics, because I came with new ideas here in Dollywood as building a fashion line, but then it'll be normal in a few years to always see this, so the best i can hope for me is to get better while making graphics!

Me: Really, i think you'll be bigger than what you guys are right now. You have so much talent, Imagination and of course, the Working, the Proccess, the ideas. Everything it's really made and really motivational. Thanks for let me Interview you, it was a really nice time talking with you, and you know that Stardoll's High Class doors are Opened, for you, Clement and Victory & Klaus.

Interviewer: KylieGiselle
March 2013  for Stardoll High Class.

Mar 10, 2013

Vogue Magazine Review, Issue 9.

Vogue Magazine, runned by Christina (Jelinna), has been in the Media around one year, and with this year, Vogue probably has been the Magazine with more Scandals, and Controversy. From big Changes to Fights, Discussions an Acussations, Vogue it's known by everyone for being not only that polemic and scandalous magazine, also for being one of the Biggest, and one of the Best.

Jelinna's Graphics are simply stunning, i love the way she shades, and the Hair. It is always stunning. I think this is because everyone loves Jelinna's work. Really she has an amazing talent, specially in shading and Hair. It's an amazing work. But some of the Graphics look really pasted, and the Graphic were Khol (Hollyoaksrocks*) appear, the shading, hair and everything it's stunning. But ¿Are our arms long like that? It does not has form, and she forgot to paint or at least make Kirsten's (Sparklewand12) nails. My fave was the graphic of ''Beauty tips for Face''. I mean ''OMG!! The hair, the face, the makeup'' It's so beautiful the Graphic. Anyways, graphics are Amazing. (43/50)

Jelinna is a good Magazine Writer. She has really nice tips. But al the Writing it's about Beauty. It has no Fashion Writing, no Daily topics writing, like others. Other Magazines talk about Teenagers, Fashion and others. Jelinna needs to put more Writing on her Issues. Graphics, are non everything. If you in Real Life, bought a Magazine and you only saw Photoshoots and that stuff, ¿Would't you get Bored? Jelinna should have her own Project, of Photoshoots, like a Modeling agency. And make Graphics for the Models. She is an Amazing Graphic Designer. But her obssesion of Making the the Magazine longer, it's making her putting all the Graphics she makes. It's good. But she should make something easy, like Writing more. Anyways, the Tips are cool. But she has a very porr writing. (38/50)

I think i like the Models. VOGUE it's a really good magazine, and because it's Prestigious, the Magazine uses the Most Famous Models on It. Since the 5th issue, there have been the Same Models. Anyways they're pretty, and i love all the Feautures. Some models, have no makeup. But anyways they're cool. Amazing Models. . (46/50)

This issue it's fantastic, i love it, loved the Graphics, the few tips Jelinna gave. Jelinna has amazing skills of Graphic Designer, anyone says she has not. But she has to improve in Writing. More interesting Topics, but anywaysm i loved the Issue. I have read it at least Twice. I like so much the Magazine, and Jelinna's work. AVERAGE: (42/50)